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How to find hotel coupons?

The easiest way to find hotel promo codes is to use! It is the only site giving instant discounts for booking directly, as well as showing the real profits of direct booking. You can compare prices from more than 200 travel sites and get a hotel coupon to decrease hotel rates up to 20%!

How to use hotel discount codes?

Hotels offer discount vouchers for our users to use on their websites while booking directly. With them you can instantly increase your holiday budget as you are going to save up to 20% on accommodation! If the hotel doesn’t have their own reservation system you can use your hotel coupon while talking directly with them (e.g. over the phone or via e-mail). Every special benefit (e.g. free breakfast or room upgrade) that hotel offers for booking directly can be also find on Booking directly has never been easier.

Is booking directly giving the best hotel promo codes?

Do you know that hotels are always saving their best rates for those who book directly? The easiest way to gain hotel discount codes is to check what hotels are offering on You will get hotel coupon to easily book direct. Online travel agencies are charging hotels for each reservation, so hoteliers are more keen to give hotel discounts and vouchers for customers who contact them directly and use their reservation system. And if hotels cannot afford any discounts it is more likely to give clients some kind of bonus (like upgrading your room or free drinks) just because they book directly. Just don’t forget to mention as your source of information of the best hotel discount codes and benefits of direct booking!