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The easiest way to find cheap hotels is to use! It is the only site showing real profits of direct bookings. There are countless hotel searching sites but most of them are having the same hotel offers with similar prices. The best way to ensure you are not overpaying is to check prices directly with the hotel and on several different sites. This is how works - it compares hotels all over the world through all the hotel searching sites and, additionally, checks benefits of direct bookings.

How to get best hotel deals?

Nowadays looking for perfect hotel deals it is even easier than before. You can browse hotel meta-searching sites for the best prices available. You can find hotels’ discount coupons online. You can finally call or email the hotel itself asking for perks if you book directly. was made for it - finding the best hotel deals. If hotel offers free breakfast or Wi-Fi as a benefit for direct booking you can be sure to find it here. Now, before contacting the hotel, you can already know what to expect as a bonus. Booking directly has never been easier.

Is booking directly giving best hotel discounts?

Do you know that hotels are always saving their best rates for those who book directly? The easiest way to gain hotel discounts is to check what they are offering on and then book direct. Online travel agencies are charging hotels for each reservation, so hoteliers are more keen to give discounts for customers who contact them directly. And if hotels cannot afford any discounts it is more likely to give clients some kind of bonus (like upgrading your room or free drinks) just because they book directly.

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