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What are the benefits of using

As a member you have an exclusive access to hundreds of hotel rewards and instant discount coupons when booking directly with the hotel.

Where to use hotel promo codes?

You get a coupon on and then you can use it while booking directly with the hotel (e.g. on the hotel’s website).

Which hotels are offering discount coupons?

All the hotels that we are partnered with are giving you either instant discount coupons or other benefits for booking directly with them.

How much it costs to gain hotel discounts & rewards?

Creating an account to see all the benefits of booking directly is completely free. Each coupon which gives you an instant discount (up to 20%!) costs $1.

Is it safe?

We are choosing our partners very carefully but if you didn’t get promised discount while booking directly, we will give you 2 credits to use for your next stay in one of our partnered hotel.

Why hotels are giving discounts for our members?

Hotels are trying to encourage their guests to book directly with them. They also want to avoid very high commissions they need to pay for being listed on all the travel sites.

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