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About DirectHotels.com

Since forever, we were always passionate about travels. Finally, we understood that the most important part of travelling is the moment of building the relationship with other people. This is why we got the idea to create DirectHotels.com. This is the place where everyone can compare prices of hotels with an additional information about benefits of direct reservation. We want to support locals and save your money! And, what is even more important, we are creating the unique connection between the traveller and hotelier. Because relations matter!

Direct bookings are getting more and more popular. While you can choose from hundreds of comparison websites and online travel agencies, the personal relations between people are no longer necessary. What is more, all the costs that hoteliers need to endure are transferred to clients! We pay more for accommodation, we know less about the place that we are going to stay, and we are just another number in the booking system, not a real people. When you call, send an email or use the direct reservation system on the hotel’s website you are often not only paying less but you can even expect some benefits (like free wifi, welcome drink or free breakfast, depends on the hotel).

DirectHotels.com was created to gather all the places which are offering any bounties for the direct booking. Now you can check if the hotel that you choose has any deals worth calling them directly. Or, if there is any place offering benefits for the direct reservation in the nearby area where do you want to stay. Sounds good?

As the user you can browse regions or cities or simply put a name of the hotel straightforwardly. Because of that you can compare the prices on different engines (e.g. booking.com, anoma) with the direct booking benefits. The reservation itself is made outside the portal. We share all the details of hotels offering direct reservation bonuses and the links to online travel agency, if you prefer to book indirectly. It’s really simple. You can decide if you want to book direct or not.