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Directhotels.com is a service providing an unique opportunity to browse, search and compare hotels all over the world with an actual possibility to book direct with the owner. The main purpose of the site is to help travelers find the suitable accommodation and book it - via the third party or directly with the landlord.

All the definitions contained “Directhotels.com” “site”, “website”, “service”, “portal”, “platform” are referring to the limited liability company EMGRON Sp. z o. o. It is registered in Stefana Drzewieckiego 19F/64, 54-129 Wrocław, Poland.


As stated, Direchotels.com is a middleman between the traveler, third-party travel agency and the accommodation provider itself. It means that the site is not providing any travel product. While the reservation is done, all the information is passed to the service partners.

The portal is made for an individual and noncommercial purpose, which means that it is forbidden to use anything granted for money-making benefit. We also do not charge customers for the reservation or for using the system.


All the data related to hotels and accommodation available on the website is implemented using the third-parties materials. We do not take any responsibility for the out-of-date information provided by our partners nevertheless we are trying our best to keep all the input updated.


We do not take responsibility for any loss taken by the users or partners using the portal. Because we do not own any travel products, the reservation, payment and contact takes place between the user of the service and the third-party/accommodation provider. We do not take responsibility for any changes, mistakes or misleading information given by our partners.

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If not stated differently, all the content of the website is owned by EMGRON Sp. z o. o. Using of any of the material provided is forbidden without a written permission from DirectHotels.com.


DirectHotels.com is a brand registered under EMGRON Sp. z o. o. in Wrocław, Poland. It means that all regulations are constructed in correspondence with polish law. These terms and conditions may be translated into other languages but for any legal matter the polish version shall apply. It can be found on the polish language version of the website.

About Directhotels.com

The online platform for searching, comparing and booking (via third-party or through the direct reservation system of the accommodation owner) hotels is delivered by EMGRON Sp. z o. o. a limited liability company registered and having legal seat in Poland, postal address: EMGRON SP. zo. o., Stefana Drzewieckiego 19F/64, 54-129 Wrocław, Poland. National Court Register 0000334273, Tax Identification Number PL8942980391.